Book One: Talon

Young lord Malik is heir to the crumbling manor of Shalor. His people have long been complacent in an era of peace. But Malik has a fractured memory, and his past is a secret to even him. When he develops a hidden ability to shift into the form of an owl, his entire world changes.
But then the peace is shattered, and his home falls under attack. He is powerless to stop the enemy. Torn away from his family, he will stop at nothing to gain vengeance on the Order of Red Priests: wielders of dark and deadly magic. To end the war, Malik must master his ability and wield the ancient Singing Sword… or die trying.

Releasing 18th September 2020: Available in paperback, hardback and eBook editions

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What reviewers have to say

‘An immersive, spellbinding tale perfect for loyal fantasy readers.’

– Author Alex Dalton