Hi all,

Happy New Year! At last, my book Talon, the first of the Singing Sword Saga, is close to ebook publication. I will announce the date soon.
Having to change my mindset and writing style over the years from writing short stories to full-length fantasy novels was difficult. My very first novel was far too long—160,000 words. What this meant was my Saga was written fully but as an outline. All I needed to do was to make my characters come alive; to ‘show’ and not ‘tell’.
Thankfully my publisher Ballad Press was able to keep me on track. However, I missed a couple of vital checkpoints along the way which added to the delay. I have done many revisions of my original story.
Covid-19 in Australia has had its effect on our lives and what we are able to do. The good old in-person book signing is a thing of the past. My editor has suggested a digital book launch which sounds great. Will keep you in touch and announce it very soon!
For now, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.